Karma Ace Stories

Karma Ace: "Kimono Bar" by レモンソーダ
In the vibrant and eclectic world of Tokyo's pop art scene, Karma Ace Tokyo shines as a beacon of creativity, thanks to its collaboration with some of the city's most talented local artists. Let's take a closer look at the artistic brilliance of HOLLOH, Kumako, オカリナ (Ocarina), and レモンソーダ (Lemon Soda), who have made Karma Ace Tokyo their artistic home.
The Magical Adventures of the Star Stealers: Capturing Stars and Brewing Magic - Karma Ace
Welcome to the captivating world of the Star Stealers, a creation of the visionary Tokyo-based pop artist HOLLOH. Inspired by the magic of dreams and the allure of stars, HOLLOH's art brings to life mysterious beings floating among the clouds, capturing stars with their tiny nets. With a distinctive artistic style that blends vibrant colors and intricate details, HOLLOH's Star Stealers invite you on a whimsical journey where imagination knows no bounds.
The Lost Ones - Karma Ace
Stranded somewhere in the neon-lit, bustling heart of Tokyo, our two furry friends find themselves in a real cosmic conundrum. With no one to trust and nowhere to go, they're like fish out of water - or should we say, rabbits out of space? To make matters worse, they're being hunted by alien “invaders” from their home planet. Talk about a bad day, right?
HOLLOH: The Visionary Pop Artist Behind Karma Ace Tokyo - Karma Ace

Discover the visionary pop art artist HOLLOH, the creative force behind Tokyo-based fashion brand Karma Ace Tokyo. Learn about their unique fusion of Japanese and Western cultural influences, the creation of the brand champion Dreamie, and HOLLOH's artistic journey. #HOLLOH #KarmaAceTokyo #PopArt #JapaneseFashion #Harajuku 

東京を拠点とするファッションブランド「カルマエース東京」のクリエイティブな力、ビジョナリーポップアーティストHOLLOHをご紹介します。日本と西洋の文化的影響の独自の融合、ブランドチャンピオンのドリーミーの創造、そしてHOLLOHのアーティスティックな旅について学びましょう。#HOLLOH #カルマエース東京 #ポップアート #日本のファッション #原宿

Dreamie's Magical Adventures in Tokyo: Embracing Imagination and Sweet Dreams - Karma Ace
Dreamie is a unique and enchanting character, a hinamatsuri doll brought to life by a little girl's dying wish in Tokyo. She has magical dream powers, including shooting dream bolts and creating illusions. With her whimsical fashion sense and imaginative stories, Dreamie captivates the attention and admiration of those she meets as she roams the streets of Tokyo. She encourages others to embrace their dreams, express themselves, and follow their hearts. Dreamie's adventures lead her to connect with fellow artists and designers, inspiring young dreamers and spreading her positive impact through her partnership with Karma Ace Tokyo. Together, Dreamie and Karma Ace Tokyo share a mission of spreading good karma through unique fashion and making a positive impact in the fashion industry and beyond.